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  • Rescuers release 108 surviving animals

Rescuers release 108 surviving animals

A total of 108 surviving pilot whales have been released back into the sea after a mass stranding in Australia, marine experts say. They believe Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west…

Researchers used miniature microscopes to conduct first-ever study of astrocyte calcium activity in sleep in freely behaving animals — ScienceDaily

A new study published today in the journal Current Biology suggests that star-shaped brain cells known as astrocytes could be as important to the regulation of sleep as neurons, the…

Animals lose fear of predators rapidly after they start encountering humans — ScienceDaily

Most wild animals show a suite of predator avoidance behaviors such as vigilance, freezing, and fleeing. But these are quickly reduced after the animals come into contact with humans through…

Humans Are Pushing Animals to the Brink, New WWF Report Warns

A tiger shown from a camera trap in Bardia National Park, Nepal.Photo: © Emmanuel Rondeau/WWF-US The past 50 years have been a nightmare for wildlife. Globally, the recorded population sizes…