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  • Rocket Lab gears up for 1st launch from US soil

Rocket Lab gears up for 1st launch from US soil

Rocket Lab is nearly ready to launch its first mission from American soil. The California-based company, which has launched 14 missions to date from its New Zealand site, just wrapped…

China’s 1st Supercarrier Could Feature EMALS Launch Technology: Report

China has been making steady progress building its third aircraft carrier, the first expected to rival the “supercarriers” of the U.S. fleet in size and capability, according to satellite photos…

Astra’s 1st orbital test launch fails during first-stage engine burn

Astra’s first orbital mission got off the ground, but it soon came back down again.  © Provided by Space Astra’s Rocket 3.1 rises into the sky above Alaska’s Pacific Spaceport…

3,200 megapixels! The camera heart of future Vera Rubin Observatory snaps record-breaking 1st photos

The camera core for the future Vera C. Rubin Observatory has snapped its first test photos, setting a new world record for the largest single shot by a giant digital…